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Car and Truck Lifts for the Home Garage. Made in the
United States for the enthusiast who wants the very best

backyard Buddy Car Lifts

No expensive staged studio shots here. Just real snapshots by proud Backyard Buddy lift owners of their lifts in action. A Backyard Buddy lift makes working on your project or everyday vehicle easier and more fun. When you're not wrenching, it's handy to store one car over another. Our lift is free standing, so it doesn't have to be bolted to the floor. You can easily roll it around the shop using the optional easy rolling casters. And it's the safest way to work under your car or truck because Backyard Buddy lifts are the strongest, best engineered, freestanding lift you can buy. The corner posts are 4x4" structural steel tubing with the most secure locks and automatic backup system in the industry. Backyard Buddy lifts are built in our Warren, Ohio factory by skilled, AWS certified welders using only American or Canadian certified structural steel. No cheap overseas steel used here! Even the hardware and power unit is American made.

We're proud of our product's quality, engineering and safety record. We're also proud that we don't have to explain why sending American jobs to a plant we own in China is a good thing as some of our competitors must. We encourage you to buy American made products when you can and support our economy, not someone else's.

We designed and built our first Backyard Buddy 30 years ago when we couldn't find a lift for our own backyard garage and hot rod project. Let us build one for your garage today. Please stop in, visit our main web site or call for your free brochure and video. E-mail us.